About Franky Lee

Art And Food - Two Lifetime hobbies Greatly Enjoyed

Hii! I’m Franky Lee. I grew up in Toronto, Canada, and have been lucky enough to spend a lot of my life traveling and experiencing the great food of the world. Now I work in advertising, where I bring artistic flair to foodie presentation!

Nowadays I’m based in Vancouver Island, BC, but I’ve been thankful to live in the US, the UK, and even a brief time in France through my life. All these experiences have shaped me and how I enjoy the world that surrounds us.

I live in my condo with my cat Nutmeg, and am thankful for the comforts I get to enjoy every day. It’s always a joy to see the sun rise over the city in the morning, the bright colours always invigorate me for the day ahead!

Why Become A Blogger?

I have a belief that through sharing we become better versions of ourselves. Whether that be with recipes, creative ideas or any other aspect, I think we should all aspire to share the knowledge we gain through our lives. 

It is my hope that I can help others by blogging a myriad of topics, and while art and food are my focus other things may come in from time to time. We are only human, after all, and I know I rarely keep focused on just one or two things for a long period of time!